Monthly Archives: June 2013

My God Is Awesome!

Praise the Lord Everybody! This is the first entry for a brand new blog!  I read somewhere that a blog is like a diary and you should find a deep topic you can write about for years.

The purpose of this blog is to share the goodness of God so that He will get ALL the glory for what He has done for me and you. This is definitely a topic I can talk about for years. Piece of cake! I won’t tell everything all at once, but give you a little bit each day until we get to know each other better. Then I can really let my  hair down. I pray God be magnified and glorified in this blog and you don’t see me, but the Lord.  Less of me, more of Him. It’s not about me.

Hopefully you have discovered this page or been told about this page and want to share your testimonies too, no matter how recent or how long ago it happened. Why? Because Testimonies Never Expire! Thank You Jesus for all You’ve done! I will always praise Your Holy and Righteous Name.

By the way, yesterday was my birthday and I’m so grateful for EVERYTHING the Lord has done in my life. He is a Deliverer, Protector, Provider, and the Keeper of my soul! The Lord is so worthy of glory, honor and praise. Hallelujah!