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There’s Pain And Then There’s PAIN.

Went to a new dentist Tuesday afternoon to have an upper tooth in the back extracted. This tooth was named #14. Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time I have had any dental procedure done without receiving gas. My regular dentist gives it to me routinely, even for cleanings, because it’s what I want and he obliges. I love the legal high. What can I say? There’s a little residue left in me from the old days that likes that sensation. Plus I hate needles and sharp objects in my mouth. It relaxes me. Aaaahhhhhh.

In 15 minutes the oral surgeon numbed my gum, extracted the tooth (an old root canal gone bad), gave me a bone graft (in case I want a crown down the road), and gave me stitches. I held on tight to the arm rest, tense, even though I only felt pressure, but no pain.
$200 for the extraction and $400 for the bone graft. That was fast money from me to him. I should have been an oral surgeon. Ya think?

I sat in my car in the parking lot thirty minutes relaying my experience to my mother on the phone and then Facebook and Twitter. I love sharing with my social media folks. I kept looking at myself in the mirror because my jaw felt inflated and of course one side of my face and lips were numb. Finally, the numbness has worn off and I could feel real pain. I drove to Walgreen’s to get the prescriptions filled for antibiotics and pain pills, anxious for relief.

Pain makes me think of Jesus being beat, whipped, tortured, humiliated, walking to His death with a cross, bleeding every step of the way. Then His hands and feet were nailed to the cross and the cross was placed upright in the ground. We can never forget the cross. Forgive me, Lord. You experienced unimaginable pain. You had no relief. You did that for us. Thank You, Jesus. What I felt was absolutely nothing. Nothing compares to You sacrificing Your life for us because You loved us.  Nothing.



When I was working. I went to bed at midnight or so. In the time I’ve been home it has stretched two to three additional hours, easy. My sleeping habits are a mess!
Every second and fourth Tuesday we have 4am Prayer at my church. That means I have to get up between 2:45am and 3am so I can leave the house at 3:30am. This is the only time I get to bed at the time I used to go.
It’s midnight! Time to take a nap! If you would like to watch our 4am Prayer live for one hour, tap in by going online to It will truly bless you.
I’ll talk to you more next time. I have to get a tooth pulled this afternoon too. Ouch!


I was supposed to write a book before I graduated from grammar school. I’m kinda late doing it. Maybe if I write a couple of pages a day I can get it done before the end of the year. I’m determined to do something constructive this year. This will take discipline. Since it would be about true experiences, it shouldn’t take too long.

In the two years I’ve been home, I could have written it, published it, and sold out two or three times by now. 
Procrastination, you no longer will have dominion over me. Go away. For real.

Adding A Video To Your Post For Dummies

I was trying to upload a brief video called The Stumbling Stage by Bishop T.D. Jakes, but I don’t know how. It was a great follow-up to my last post about how we let people bug us for so long, okay, how I let people bug me for so long. We’re thinking about them and they are not giving us a second thought.  Let it go! Believe me, this was for my benefit more than anyone else.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll try to figure out how to post it and get back to you. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Okay, hello and goodbye.