Unexpected Blessings

Tuesday I was sad because I didn’t get a job I was certain I would get. Maybe it was because of the results of those test scores I told you about.
Usually I say something daily to my 554 Facebook “friends,” but Tuesday I was quiet the entire day. No motivation, jokes, inspiration, videos or anything.
Wednesday my pastor posted on Facebook: “If I have learned anything as a Leader/Pastor I have learned this. You must be able to TAKE A HIT AND KEEP IT MOVING. You cannot STOP OR QUIT! The assignment is BIGGER than your injury. Can the church say YES!!!!”

Wow. Was that speaking to my situation or what? So I re-posted what he said and I wrote this:
My Pastor is a man of God and a great influence. So grateful that he is my spiritual shepherd. No matter what we’re going through, he tells us to praise our way through it and keep it moving because better is coming. The challenges we go through can really get to you and try to break you down, but you eventually bounce back. I’m crying as I type this because nothing has been going the way I expected, but I still trust God for what’s coming. God is still able and He will show up in HIS time. He’s been adding another chapter to my testimony. Guess I better start writing…

Anyway, late this evening I remembered to get the mail. Among the bills was an Escrow Surplus Refund Check for $935. Thank You Jesus! I did not see that coming at all! Hallelujah!  Didn’t think I was paying more than I should, but apparently they estimated something wrong and it worked in my favor. Glory! The more you give, the more you receive. That works in more ways than one.  Lord knows I needed this because things are super tight right now.  I praise God for anything and everything. This is a new mortgage company that recently took over my loan. They could have kept that money and I wouldn’t have been the wiser.  So, there. A praise report while I wait for something else to happen in Supernatural September.

I tweeted this 9 hours ago: God is the Writer, Producer & Director of our story. We must act according to His Word & Will. Follow the script. He will reward you.



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