It’s A Blessing To Be A Blessing

Most people get paid the 15th and the 30th, every other week or if they’re fortunate, every week.
It’s been 2 years and 2 months since I had a regular paycheck from a job.  This was a job I held almost 26 years. They let me go unexpectedly.  The Unemployment stopped in December and then 5 months later I was blessed to get 10 extra weeks which equaled 5 extra checks. Then that was gone. I’ve had a LINK card since February and that was due to end this month, but they are giving me an extension until March. I have been living off my 401-K  and have exhausted all of it except what I placed in a 7 year CD a couple of years ago. I can’t touch that at all.

When I worked, I helped people in need. Giving is a spiritual gift. It just comes naturally from God. There were a few homeless people I helped regularly and when I lost my job I made sure they knew and I gave a few of them my cell phone number to call me in case they were in an emergency situation and were starving or something. Who does that?

Don’t ask me how, but I have helped far more people in the last couple of years than I ever did when I was working. These people are employed, unemployed, retired, and homeless. Believe me, I was generous when I worked and have been more generous unemployed. I tell them all to praise God and thank Him for it.
Again, that is God’s doing, cause it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me. Now that my resources are just about depleted, I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do. It’s a blessing to be a blessing and I know: IT’S ABOUT TIME FOR A MIRACLE!

I faithfully give tithes to my church, which is 10%. I paid it when I worked, paid it when I got unemployment, paid it on birthday and Christmas money, pay it on money my mother gives me for my hair, gas for the car or to get something to eat. I even pay tithes on the grocery money that goes on my LINK card. I really believe you reap what you sow. My $1300 mortgage has never been late nor the credit cards or utilities. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!

I have have praised and worshiped God during this entire wilderness experience. He did not bring me this far to leave me. Yes, I have suffered from low self esteem, depression, loneliness, boredom, rejection, doubt, fear, and have screamed silently on a steep roller coaster of emotions. There’s a song that says: “I’ve Learned To Trust In Jesus, I’ve Learned To Trust In God.” There’s another song that says: “I Have No Other Choice But To Trust You, That’s All I Can Do. I Have No Other Choice But To Believe.”

The fact that my situation is desperate and time sensitive now that the bills are piling up and we’re halfway through another month, is when God can show up and show out. When I went to the emergency room a few months ago with no insurance, I owe a few thousand for that. The last time I went to the dentist, he told me I needed oral surgery. That costs money too. My credit cards are getting close to the limit. It’s just too much! Yet, I believe God! I believe God! I believe God!

Saturday, I used almost half my Link Card amount buying a stranger groceries only because she asked me for a couple of dollars. I can’t help it. She had a baby in a stroller and was carrying a lot of stuff too. God put that girl in my path so she and that baby could eat. You have to release something to get something back, even when you feel like the one in need. God has to know He can trust you with a little before He can trust you with a lot. I am praying God opens the floodgates of Heaven and showers down a harvest of financial blessings: money, job and/or jobs and benefits. Pray for me and pray with me. Thanks.
Happy Sunday!


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