God Is A Provider

Today’s sermon was about the Benefits Of Provision. I am a witness that God is a Provider. He has been taking great care of me down through the years. I am amazed at how He makes a way out of no way and He’s an on time God. He knows what I need before I even ask and He always makes sure I get what I need in time. This is true for my family as well. He takes great care of us and I am so very grateful.
The Sunday sermon was based on the story of the widow’s oil. When we think it’s all over for us and our back is against the wall, God has a way of showing us we have had the answer all along, inside of us or in the house. Just like He asked Moses what was in his hand, the widow had a little oil that God stretched for her to fill up multiple jars until she had more than enough to pay her debt.
I believe that God gave me the gift of writing and this will be the answer to everything that is lacking in my life. I must pour the oil of praise onto a worthy God by writing and writing until my change comes. It’s what’s in my hand and I’m going to use to testify and encourage others to testify about how wonderful God is. We like to be praised and so does God. Let’s show Him some love each and every day. He’s given us everything.


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