Bible Study Notes from 7/2/13

These are notes I took at Bible Study Tuesday night while my Pastor was teaching:
We pray for ourselves. It’s always me, me, me. Who do you serve? Who do you minister to? Who do you give to? You have to release. You can’t even take your next breath until you release the one you have.
We catch many types of fish in the church. The educated must release so they won’t be full of themselves. Don’t build a gated community around yourself. You have to help others. We can’t be selfish. Jesus said go in the highways and the byways. The whole don’t need a physician. We need to minister to the lost. Use me, Lord. We must look for opportunities to release. The Takers will take advantage of you and you can’t even get a thank you.
The older must teach the younger. Someone has to tell young ladies they can’t shower like a man. They have to sit in the tub and rest in the Lord.  Someone has to tell young men they have to change their underwear every day and use some cologne. Sometimes parents don’t teach us what we should know. Don’t be selfish. Release, then you will receive.
Read 2 Kings 4:3-6.  A man died with a debt and by right the sons could have been taken as slaves. The widow went to Elisha. He asked her, what can I do for you? He could have stopped there and spoke some things into existence but he immediately asked, “What did you have in the house?” He told her to get her kids and ask for all the empty jars in the neighborhood. The greater the hustle, the greater the blessing. When they had done that he told her to close the door. Then she wouldn’t have to hear people’s opinions.
She had to take the little oil she had and pour in each jar. When it was full, start another jar. You must release the little you have. Use me, Lord. God knows what you have to give because He gave it to you. The oil stopped flowing when all the jars were filled. Elisha told the widow that she could pay off her debt. Why did the sons have to take part in that? Because your children need to see your God at work.
Now you can get a job, now you can pay your bills, now you can have money and not try to impress folks. A little money is a lot of money to someone who doesn’t have any money.
God can’t restore you with anger and non-forgiveness in your spirit. He will make you pray for the ones who did you wrong. God has more for you. Don’t let nothing stop your blessing.  Read Job 42:7-10. God sent Job’s friends to him so he could pray for them.
Have you ever had someone treat you really badly in public and in private they asked you to pray for them? If someone has done you wrong, let it go. Be happy if they get blessed. In fact, you should speak blessings on them. After Job prayed for his friends, after he released the prayers, he got back everything he’d lost and had more than before.
If you’re living well, you’re blessed. If you have a car that goes from point A to point B, you’re blessed. Why are we blessed? It’s a blessing to be a blessing.
Read 2 Kings 4:8-10, 14-16.  A woman fed Elisha a meal.  Then it turned into meals, because he always stopped by to eat. She thought of more she could do for Elisha. Up your game. This is a holy man. She talked to her husband and decided to make him a furnished room on the roof. Look for an opportunity to be a blessing.
Elisha wanted to bless the woman back. She’d sowed the material. He sowed into her hurt spirit when he found out she and her husband had no children. He told her this time next year she would have a child. Lock it in. Commit to it. He had been eating and running. She was making him comfortable. Locking Elisha into her house was like locking God in her house. If you lock God into your life, He will blow your mind. One meal turned into a shut-in. God will resurrect things in your spirit. Your labor will not be in vain. Look for an opportunity to be a blessing.
You will be let down. You just have to grab the horns of the altar. God already knows what He’s going to do. Don’t put God on probation. Don’t walk away from God because you’re disappointed. It will clog your arteries and your blood can’t flow.
David’s baby was sick. David was praying and the baby died. What are you going to do? Everybody sees you praying. They don’t want to see you have a relapse. Let it go. Release and receive. Release depression and  disappointment. The plane can’t land because of your depression. You’ve got a runway full of disappointment. Let it go! God will put the right people in your life. Do not cry over who is not there; instead, celebrate who is there.
Read 2 Samuel 12:20-23. David found out his baby died and he worshiped. Worship will deliver you from anything. Let’s clear the runway! David could always have another child. The atmosphere had to be right to create another baby. The next baby turned out to be Solomon, who grew to be a wise king. Release! Better is coming in your direction! Things have to die out in our life for a reason.
When you’re hurt, it’s hard to make yourself believe again. Release your faith. If you’re the type who has to connect all the dots, it will jack you up. Why this? Why that? You can’t make sense out of sin. Sin don’t make no sense. You’re a control freak. Stop. He is God! Release that!
Read Matthew 8:5-10. He told Jesus, just say the word and my servant will be healed. You don’t have to come to my house. Just speak it. Jesus saw the man’s faith.
Young people come to church on fire for the Lord with crazy faith. Don’t let these folks who have been in church all their life mess up your faith. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. It’s going to happen. I believe God! Up your faith!
Your sacrificial lifestyle pays off. God will require some things from you. There are places they can go, but you can’t go. Jesus wants you in an isolated place. He brings your body under subjection. You can’t have what your flesh craves.
Read 2 Chronicles 7:1-3. The people brought a sacrifice and fire consumed the sacrifice. God’s Gory filled the temple. The Glory demands respect. Even if people don’t like you, they have to respect you. Put something out there so God will come and get it.
God’s Glory will come. You can’t live a raggedy life if you expect God to come. There’s a war between spirit and flesh. What does God want you to do? You want His Glory to come. Your sacrifice is about to pay off. Don’t regret the hurt, pain and disappointment. When you release, you receive the Glory of God. We want to receive His Glory. Release your worship. Tell God: I give myself away. I am Yours. Thank Him in advance that the Glory of the Lord will be heavy in your life. Set yourself up to be blessed. Release so you can receive.
***My written Bible Study notes as taught by P.J.F.H. of N.L.C.SE – 7/2/13
(not sure if I can use names in a blog).


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