Friday night I went to a small woman’s group called Beauty For Ashes. I’ve been attending this monthly meeting since last year. What got me there was their first session back in October, with beauty treatments (makeup, manicures and massages). They had me at massage. Well that happened only one time. Normally, they have appetizers and fellowship, go into the church, have praise and worship, ice breakers, announcements, small discussions and then a mini sermon.

I’ve grown attached to these young women over the months even though there have been no more massages. That was the bait on the hook that got me there and  I’ve enjoyed the fellowship the first Friday of the month ever since. This past Friday night they were having small group discussions about domestic abuse. While I’ve never experienced that first hand, though I was raised in that environment, I shared sexual childhood abuse that catapulted into a series of experiences that affected me the rest of my life.  I couldn’t believe I was sharing something so extremely personal with the ladies and going into details like I was talking about a movie I’d seen. Yet, I was sharing scenes from a movie I’d starred in. It was freeing to talk about it and not worry if somebody was going to tell somebody else. It kinda didn’t matter.  I told them about all the things the Lord had delivered me from. If I ever get around to writing a book, I’m going to spill my guts there too.

If anyone ever responds to these posts and shares their testimony, maybe we can get the ball rolling. You tell me something, I tell you something. Right now, I’m talking to the wind waiting to get caught up in the clouds and rain down testimony after testimony.
I made 56 last week by God’s grace and mercy. God has been so good to me down through the years. I want to tell it all.
Have a blessed Sunday. Hope you enjoy your church services.


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