Sunday Sermon Notes from 7/7/13

Sunday, 7/7/13, my Pastor preached a sermon called Family Feud. These are the notes I wrote.
God spoke to Abram and told him to leave home. He obeyed God. Genesis 12:5. Abram did not just take his wife and Lot. He took the people too. There was a group of people following one man. There is a blessing in being obedient. Abram obeyed and was blessed. Genesis 13:2. When you’re connected to someone who is blessed, you’re blessed too.
Genesis 13:5. Lot was blessed with flocks, herds and tents because of his connection to his uncle. When you’re blessed, look out for the enemy who will try to cut your connection. The devil doesn’t like blessed people. They were so blessed the land could not hold them and all they owned. Genesis 13:7. There was an argument among their men. There had to be a division between Abram and Lot. A house divided can’t stand. The neighbors in the land are watching Lot and Abram. You don’t want outsiders to see what’s going on in your home.  Your parents told you to keep family business in the house. You don’t want to be on a rocky boat like Jonah. If you’re the reason my boat is rocking, you have to go.
Genesis 13:11-13.  Abram told Lot to choose where he wanted to live. When you have the option of making choices, make the right decision at all times. Make decisions that put you in the Will of God.
Abram chose to live in the land of Canaan. He could hear God.  Lot chose to live among the cities. Genesis 13:12b. He pitched his tent toward Sodom, where there was wickedness and sinning. People like to go where the noise is. Lot could hear the crowd. Don’t get so close to something that you get pulled in and you find yourself doing things you thought you would never do. Teenagers like to go where the action is, outside of their parents’ home.
Genesis 14:11-12. Lot was carried off and all his possessions. Now here’s a family feud.
We shout over the wrong things; a house or a car. What about your children and your spouse? Heaven does not care about your promotion. They want your family members to be saved! You don’t want them going to hell. You’re saved, but your family members are on drugs and they’re alcoholics. The devil is a liar! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Take back what belongs to you! The devil wants to take your children.
Is your family saved? Where are your  children? God, please chase them until they say yes. My children will be saved this year! Are we going to be selfish and shout over stuff? Don’t dance over a car. Pray for God to deliver your family members. Stop talking about you and pray for someone else!
How do you take it back?
*You can’t ignore it. Genesis 14:14a.  Abram heard about Lot being captured.
Call it out. Look at your children.  Are your son’s lips black, his eyes yellow, and does he stink? You think your daughter is a virgin, but that’s not what everybody else is saying. Take authority with your kids. Be a parent; you can’t be their friend. It should get to you that your family is not saved.
*Get an army together. Chapter 14 is the first we hear of Abram fighting. Genesis 14:14b. He had 318 trained fighting men, just in case. You better have an army of prayer warriors together, just in case. You need back up in case the devil tries something.
Call out your family member’s name to come forth and put a praise on it.
*Pursue. Genesis 14:15. Be consistent in calling on God on your family members’ behalf. Get a pit bull mentality. Believe God for them and fight in the spirit. If you have the faith to say it, you should believe it. Fight for them like you’re crazy. Be persistent and continue to love on them.  Show God’s love at all times.  Release their name in the spirit so that God will arrest them. Get over the rejection and being talked about. Keep your children’s names in the atmosphere. God is able! The devil is already defeated.
*The Recovery. Genesis 14:16. Abram recovered all, everyone and everything. Believe God will save your family members before the year is out. You should want your whole house saved. Watch younger children; they can have spirits too. Write down the name of the person you want to be saved and delivered before the year is out and take it to the Lord in prayer.  There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus.


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