My Mother And The Bus

My mother went out with a seniors group Saturday afternoon to Michigan City, Indiana.  She was supposed to be back in the parking lot at 8:30pm and ended up getting there 12:30am.
I don’t think she’s ever been away from home that long without me or my brother. There was a terrible accident ahead of them on the highway and a motorcyclist had to be airlifted by a helicopter.  Traffic didn’t move until that happened. That took some time. Then, when they were finally rolling, the horn on the bus got stuck and wouldn’t go off.  The bus driver pulled over to fix it and then the bus wouldn’t start at all. Thirty two senior citizens stuck on a bus after they’d already been stuck behind an accident.
My brother left out to find the bus and told me not to tell her he was coming because she already told us both she would wait with the others for another tour bus to pick them up. Yeah, right. That could take more hours.
My brother found the bus in Indiana and brought my mother and three of her friends back to the church parking lot where their cars were parked. Then he followed my mother home. I’m so glad he went to get her. I probably would have gotten lost and been all over creation trying to find my mother. She finally got home almost 1am and said never again would she go anywhere with this group. Many others said the same.
We’re like this too. We know we need help, but are too proud to ask for it. We’d rather sit and wait for something that may or may not happen. Somebody has to do something and it’s gotta be you. My mother was happy to be rescued even though she didn’t want to be a bother. You know how parents are. That’s okay; I’ll be all right. Yet, she was relieved to see my brother arrive.
God sees all and knows all. He’s waiting on us to say, “Okay Lord, I am sick of being stranded in this desert, out in the middle of nowhere. I need you to come and get me. HELP!”
When we’ve done all we could do to mess it up and make it worse, then we talk to God about it. He should have been consulted first. God can’t be a last resort. Thank God He doesn’t bless me as a last resort. We should keep Him first, let Him take the wheel and get us where we need to be. You’ll be glad that you did.


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