Testing And Multiple Choice

I put the WordPress icon on my cell so I could always have access to this blog.  Testing it out now. Hey! How Y’all doing?

Speaking of testing, I had to take a Prove It typing test, data entry test and analytical skills test at home for an employment agency.  It was timed and the results were given to me and sent to them. The questions on the analytical test freaked me out. The problems were outrageous! You were given a series of numbers, figures, shapes, and had to figure out what came next.  Another type (I’m making up something to give you an idea) A is B’s sister-in-law and C is married to B’s nephew and E is the grandmother of F, who is related to A. How are C and B related? There were several questions like that. Even though it was multiple choice, I didn’t have a clue and guessed.  Then I had to draw circles, squares, diagonal lines and arches according to their specifications and then say what the drawing looked like.
I did very well on the data entry with 97%. Have been typing 30wpm with my index fingers since the beginning of time. Don’t know what they’ll think about that. Only got a 66 on the analytical test. Surprised I got that much.

Never liked testing. I only got a 14 on my ACT and still managed to get a degree from Northwestern University even though the high school counselor, Sister Someone, told me “Oh no! You can’t go to THAT school!” Don’t you love proving the doubters wrong?

I give God the credit for loving parents, a good education, a middle class upbringing, with hugs, kisses and encouragement in the midst of all the dysfunction and traumatic experiences. We have to find good in everything and know God brings you through the crazy stuff to add to your testimony. God has kept me in this season of unemployment.  Now that my resources are getting dangerously low, I know He’s going to step in. If He did it before, He will do it again. Jesus is the answer in the multiple choices of life. I will choose Him every time and it’s always the right choice. 

I have to go to bed. We have 4am Prayer in the morning at church. It’s every second and fourth Tuesday. If you want to tap into ONE HOUR of praise, worship, and prayer, watch it live at http://www.newlifesoutheast.org.
4am central standard time. God bless.


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