What’s Up With That?

Here’s something I need to be delivered from: wracking my brain trying to figure out why someone acts like I kicked their cat or stomped their dog.
Have you ever encountered people who don’t like you and it’s more than obvious to you and everyone else who is paying attention? You’re like, what did I ever do to you? Then of course, everyone who is closest to them, family, friends, and spouse start acting funny too, and you know you’ve never done anything to them either.

A person’s dislike for you can be contagious. That’s just pitiful. Meanwhile, you’re trying to think back and figure out when it all started and you think it’s just been from day one. I’m thinking about them and they are not thinking about me at all. What a colossal waste of time and energy! It needs to stop!

Recently I hugged them and they stood limp and tolerated it, but didn’t smile or hug me back, just a weak thanks. If I say something to them privately or publicly online they don’t respond. I say happy birthday, congratulations, happy anniversary, etc. and they will respond to everyone but me. They even send birthday wishes to everyone but me.
If we’re walking toward one another they will do that avoidance thing.  What’s up with that? I mean, what’s up? I just want to know why? No, I’m not going to ask because they would probably deny there’s a problem. It’s really their problem and not mine. I’ve made it an issue because I want answers.

When I was a kid, even though I was quiet, there were children who didn’t like me. Some kids even wanted to fight me, even those who didn’t even know my name.  I was even bullied at times until I put my foot down and wouldn’t stand for it anymore. Then they left me alone and later wanted to be friends. Go figure.
I experienced haters in high school too. Why did I experience this? Why do I still experience this? Because I exist. That’s the best answer I can come up with. It seems to be a never-ending story.

I need a new set of friends to take my mind off of stupid stuff.  God, send me new friends and make this person get over themselves and the gripe they have against me. It’s annoying, especially because I have to see them in church, of all places, and I know they should act better. If you are in a leadership position you shouldn’t single people out to be rude to. It’s unbecoming for a servant of God. I guess I’ll just keep killing them with kindness. How about that?


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