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What’s Up With That?

Here’s something I need to be delivered from: wracking my brain trying to figure out why someone acts like I kicked their cat or stomped their dog.
Have you ever encountered people who don’t like you and it’s more than obvious to you and everyone else who is paying attention? You’re like, what did I ever do to you? Then of course, everyone who is closest to them, family, friends, and spouse start acting funny too, and you know you’ve never done anything to them either.

A person’s dislike for you can be contagious. That’s just pitiful. Meanwhile, you’re trying to think back and figure out when it all started and you think it’s just been from day one. I’m thinking about them and they are not thinking about me at all. What a colossal waste of time and energy! It needs to stop!

Recently I hugged them and they stood limp and tolerated it, but didn’t smile or hug me back, just a weak thanks. If I say something to them privately or publicly online they don’t respond. I say happy birthday, congratulations, happy anniversary, etc. and they will respond to everyone but me. They even send birthday wishes to everyone but me.
If we’re walking toward one another they will do that avoidance thing.  What’s up with that? I mean, what’s up? I just want to know why? No, I’m not going to ask because they would probably deny there’s a problem. It’s really their problem and not mine. I’ve made it an issue because I want answers.

When I was a kid, even though I was quiet, there were children who didn’t like me. Some kids even wanted to fight me, even those who didn’t even know my name.  I was even bullied at times until I put my foot down and wouldn’t stand for it anymore. Then they left me alone and later wanted to be friends. Go figure.
I experienced haters in high school too. Why did I experience this? Why do I still experience this? Because I exist. That’s the best answer I can come up with. It seems to be a never-ending story.

I need a new set of friends to take my mind off of stupid stuff.  God, send me new friends and make this person get over themselves and the gripe they have against me. It’s annoying, especially because I have to see them in church, of all places, and I know they should act better. If you are in a leadership position you shouldn’t single people out to be rude to. It’s unbecoming for a servant of God. I guess I’ll just keep killing them with kindness. How about that?


Bubbles And Balloons

Today my bubble was burst like a balloon high in the sky. It hurt until I got that choked up feeling in my throat. That’s what happens when you’re holding stuff in. The interview last week for a job that was to last six months to a year didn’t pan out.
You want it because you need it, but you know you should be making so much more than what they were offering. I didn’t even tell my family. They’ll go back to worrying about me and then I’ll be worrying about them worrying about me. Lord have mercy!

I just found notes I wrote watching a television program last month. It was Dr. Charles Stanley talking about: Overcoming Discouragement. Figured I may as well post this for someone else it may help. I know God is able to do anything. He’s never failed me yet.
I have to shake off the temporary feelings of rejection and inadequacy and keep it moving. Here are the notes from the program. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Dr. Charles Stanley on OVERCOMING DISCOURAGEMENT on The Church Channel (TCC),  8/20/13.
Dr Stanley talked about David and how he went through all kinds of things that discouraged him, but if you read Psalms you will see how he strengthened and encouraged himself. He talked about David living among the Philistines in Ziklag. He told the story of when David’s family and possessions were carried off and his men wanted to stone him because their family and possessions were gone too. Some of the scriptures given:
Psalm 42:11/Psalm 43:5, 1 Samuel 29:5-6 and 1 Samuel 30:1-10, 16-19.
Discouragement is: *Universal,* Reoccurring,* Contagious,* Unpredictable, *Temporary.
Disappointment is an emotional response to a failed expectation, hope or desire.
Discouragement is a feeling of despair and despondency.
Disappointment is inevitable. Discouragement is a choice.
*Married to someone you can’t please,* Physical and verbal abuse, *Feeling God is not answering your prayer, *Unrecognized efforts, *Sin, *Financial Pressure, *Health Problems.
*Divides your attention, *Blaming others,*Anger and depression,* Estrangement, *Loss of confidence, *Negative spirit. Proverbs 15:4. You can talk yourself into a mess. Some people love being depressed. It’s an escape. They give themselves an excuse not to have joy, peace and contentment. *Making unwise decisions, *Drifting away from the Lord. All these consequences are destructive and costly in your spiritual life.
*Look within yourself  (you should think right and have the right viewpoint). *Look to God. *Look to God’s faithfulness in the past. If He did it before, He will do it again. God does not change. It’s a matter of viewpoint.
Mark 6:30-31. HALT. Don’t be too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.
*Stop and rest, *Reorganize your life, *Resolve to trust God. Trust Him to be in control of everything. Trust Him to be good. Trust Him to be with you in every circumstance. Proverbs 3:5-6. This is a promise of God. Seek Him and He will direct your path. *Resist discouragement.
Some people won’t work certain jobs because it is belittling to them. Don’t get too big to do the dirty jobs. (Ouch!)
Get in the Word every day. Open the Bible. Say, speak to me, God. Speak to my heart.
Get in the Word and get out of discouragement. You can be lonely, but you are not alone.
Dr. Charles Stanley is an avid photographer. He showed a picture of a beautiful bird on a limb. He had to wait and wait to get the shot he wanted. We have to wait on God the same way. Eventually the bird lifted off and he captured the bird in flight with its wings extended. Dr. Stanley said, either you’re going to see the bird sitting or you’re going to see it fly. Wait on the Lord.